Quality Objectives

It is the policy of our company to conduct fair and neutral assessments for the candidates who are trained as part of the initiatives of MSDE and private establishments. Yuva Skill Foundation wants to be known as the leading organization in India for its assessment services and as the most credible organization in the space.

Yuva Skill Foundation policy is based on the following important principals.

Customer Focus: Yuva Skill Foundation has made a commitment to understand our current and future customers’ needs. Meet their requirement and strive to exceed their expectation.

Engagement of people: Yuva Skill Foundation strongly believes that engagement of people at every level is important to achieve the objectives of the quality management system.

Process Approach: Yuva Skill Foundation has aligned entire organizational resources across different processes which are interrelated. Every process has a defined purpose along with relevant measurement and monitoring methodology.

Leadership: Our top management is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment where people become fully involved in meeting the quality objectives.

Improvement: Yuva Skill Foundation believes improvement is the key to remain relevant and competitive. It is the organization commitment to initiate improvement initiatives across all aspects of the quality management system.

Evidence based Decision Making : Yuva Skill Foundation is committed to make decision based on analysis of relevant data and information. Continually improve the effectiveness of various processes in line with ground realities

Relationship Management: Yuva Skill Foundation recognizes that the entire eco system has to grow together. A mutually beneficial relationship with the all the stakeholder involved in administering fair and neutral assessments & Certifications.